Hot from the Holonet!

::Holonet News Update::

This just in!

Footage from July’s Star Wars Night at the Atlanta Braves shows a fearless Kylo Ren defending the First Order during the traditional Tool Race. If it hadn’t been for the surprise actions of Two Bit the Drill, he undoubtedly would have prevailed.

::End of Update::

A CHOA Visit of a Different Kind

We have always enjoyed the opportunity to stop by and visit our small friends at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals, but this time was a little different than most. One of our handlers called in the troops to pay a visit to his nephew who was recently diagnosed with cancer. We stopped by to show him that he has the Empire on his side.



Several members dropped by the Fortson Public Library last night to celebrate their summer reading program. The Empire never underestimates the power of a good book!



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