Blue and Gold Banquet in Stockbridge.

Cub Scout Pack 99 welcomed the 501st to their Blue and Gold Banquet tonight in Stockbridge. Star Wars themed table displays, Empire cup cakes, a Star Wars photo shoot screen, and a grand entrance with the Imperial March blaring made the event an awesome night for all involved.  TK-72627, TK-51011 and TB-0271, sporting his brand new Biker Scout kit,  handed out awards, served tacos, judged table displays, and guarded cupcakes. Those cupcakes are very valuable to the Empire!








February 2015 – Review

It’s not all the time that we show up for birthdays but we couldn’t resist one of our long time fans.  Thomas has followed us around to many troops and has been a supporter of the Garrison for a while. It was only fitting to show up to event for him this time. We had a great Star Wars Birthday party for Thomas and really appreciate his loyalty.











The 501st Georgia Garrison had a really cool booth set up at the Middle GA Comic CON in February. Are booth stayed pretty busy through out the CON as many fans approached the booth for questions on how to join. We are always looking forward to new members so we enjoy sharing all the information we can about the Legion.

The Columbus Comic Book Show saw two of our elite soldiers. They even captured one of the Empire’s notorious rebels. The Columbus Comic Book Show has been a favorite among the Garrison. With its aerospace sets and props set up through out the museum, it makes for great photo opportunities.

Our troops displayed their superior weaponry at the Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet in Marietta in February. The scouts absolutely loved having us as their guests and we were truly grateful to be apart of such an aspiring group of scouts.



13 month old little princess

The Georgia Garrison received a message via our Facebook page about a princess in distress. Her Mom asked us to visit after Snow became attached to her Stormtrooper toy. Needless to say, the Georgia Garrison dispatched a squad to bring some joy to 13-month-old Willow-Snow at the hospital this week.

“This single mom of a beautiful 13 month old little princess was visited by 3 awesome stormtroopers at CHOA today. Snow and me were very happy they came to visit us. Snow has been dealing with her epilepsy and kidney infections. Thank you so much guys for taking the time to spend a few minutes to see Snow.” -Mia Boartfield







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