I’m Dreaming of a White-Armored Christmas

:Begin Radio Broadcast:

Keeping with tradition, the 501st sent a substantial force to Atlanta for the annual Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas parade.

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 As a precaution, blasters were set to ‘merry’.

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 Initial attempts to infiltrate Santa’s workshop undercover failed.  Our forces underestimated Mr. Claus’s counter-espionage tactics.


“Hah, look at Vader’s scarf.  You’d think he would be warm enough after Mustafar, am I right?  Am I r- [strangling noises]”


Sadly the afternoon did not go perfectly, as one of our own was discovered to be a rebel spy.  He is scheduled to be shot, put in a bacta tank, then shot again.

In Service to the Empire and with Unquestioned Loyalty,


:End Transmission:

It’s the ‘caught’ that counts

:Begin Radio Broadcast:


 The Athens, GA Sound of Christmas parade was an evening of fun and merriment, with one highlight in particular:


 Our ground troops cornered and apprehended Princess Leia, the rebel spy wanted for treason, espionage, crimes against hair, and brother-kissing.


 The Princess cooperated with forces after only four hours of standard interrogation(‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’ played on repeat).

In Service to the Empire and with Unquestioned Loyalty,


:End Transmission:


:Begin Radio Broadcast:

The 501st Legion and Rebel Legion decided to put aside their differences for the evening and have a nice night at the theater.  The Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, GA.


The Aurora Theatre is hosting Joseph Zettelmaier’s All Childish Things(10/3 – 10/27), a play concerning the exploits of a group of zealous Star Wars fans.  The 501st is pleased to see that great art is still produced today.


“I am not leaving until I get my Twizzlers.”


The evening was mostly peaceful, if a tad silly.


Some of the other theater goers struck us as slightly odd.


Fortunately Vader’s body count for the evening did not enter double digits.

The Emperor still reminds him of the the ‘misunderstanding’ at The Importance of Being Earnest.


All Childish Things director Scott Warren and writer Joseph Zettelmaier stopped by for a little PR work.

The 501st appreciates the Aurora Theathre’s generous hosting and will return when Lord Vader’s Twizzler demands are met.

In Service to the Empire and with Unquestioned Loyalty,


:End Transmission:

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